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Ethics and Collaborative Law Process

The Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey (the Association”) held a seminar on April 21, 2015 regarding Ethics and the Collaborative Law Process. Larry Esposito, president of the Association conducted the presentation. Larry integrated Opinion 699 of the Advisory Committee of Professional Ethics with the relevant N.J. Rules of Professional Conduct, the International Association of […]

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Divorce Attorney Bergen County Philip C. Puglisi Special Needs trust

Philip C. Puglisi , a divorce lawyer in Bergen County wants those parents that have a special need trust to see the latest case on this matter. In J.B. v. W.B., Sup. Ct. (Cuff, P.J.A.D.) (16 pp.) A parent seeking to modify a negotiated agreement for the support of a disabled child through the establishment […]

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child support arrears Bergen County Philip Puglisi divorce lawyers

Who gets the child support arrears when the divorced mother dies? Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, wants his viewers to know that the answer is: “Child support arrears due a divorcée at the time of her death belonged to her estate, not to her emancipated son, a New Jersey appeals court says. The […]

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Philip Puglisi Bergen County Divorce Lawyer caregiver case

Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, thought you would be interested in the recent case regarding who can and can not be be a caregiver of a child in NJ. In “New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services v. J.S., App. Div. (Sabatino, J.A.D.) (32 pp.) Defendant, a biological father, appeals from the […]

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Grandparents rights bill Divorce Lawyers Bergen County Philip Puglisi

Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, wants grandparents to know that that there is a bill regarding their visitation rights before the legislature that would erect High Hurdles to grandarents seeking visitation. The New Jersey Law Journal on December 2, 2013 reports that: “the Legislation that would toughen New Jersey’s statutory standards for granting […]

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Visitation criminal charges Bergen County Family Law lawyer Philip Puglisi

Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce attorney and Family Law lawyer, gives to his blog viewers a recent ruling that was made in 20-2-2358 S.M. v. K.M., App. Div. (Koblitz, J.A.D.) (10 pp.) where the court granted leave to appeal from an order preventing a father in a pending divorce case from having any contact […]

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Philip Puglisi Bergen County divorce lawyer alimony duration case

Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, wants to let you know that if you are going through a divorce and alimony is an issue, that duration of the alimony will arise. When is it a permanent alimony case? Philip Puglisi wants you to know that just recently in the Gnall v. Gnall, App. Div. […]

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Governor Christie Signed the Alimony Bill

Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, said that Governor Christie signed the Alimony bill, which law went into effective immediately. In essence it eliminated permant alimony and created duration alimony periods up to the length of the marriage. It also addresses, among other things, the meaning of a cohabitation and how do you do […]

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