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Category: Child Custody

Philip Puglisi Bergen County Divorce Lawyer caregiver case

Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, thought you would be interested in the recent case regarding who can and can not be be a caregiver of a child in NJ. In “New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services v. J.S., App. Div. (Sabatino, J.A.D.) (32 pp.) Defendant, a biological father, appeals from the […]

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Grandparents rights bill Divorce Lawyers Bergen County Philip Puglisi

Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, wants grandparents to know that that there is a bill regarding their visitation rights before the legislature that would erect High Hurdles to grandarents seeking visitation. The New Jersey Law Journal on December 2, 2013 reports that: “the Legislation that would toughen New Jersey’s statutory standards for granting […]

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Visitation criminal charges Bergen County Family Law lawyer Philip Puglisi

Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce attorney and Family Law lawyer, gives to his blog viewers a recent ruling that was made in 20-2-2358 S.M. v. K.M., App. Div. (Koblitz, J.A.D.) (10 pp.) where the court granted leave to appeal from an order preventing a father in a pending divorce case from having any contact […]

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