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Category: Child Support

Divorce Attorney Bergen County Philip C. Puglisi Special Needs trust

Philip C. Puglisi , a divorce lawyer in Bergen County wants those parents that have a special need trust to see the latest case on this matter. In J.B. v. W.B., Sup. Ct. (Cuff, P.J.A.D.) (16 pp.) A parent seeking to modify a negotiated agreement for the support of a disabled child through the establishment […]

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child support arrears Bergen County Philip Puglisi divorce lawyers

Who gets the child support arrears when the divorced mother dies? Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, wants his viewers to know that the answer is: “Child support arrears due a divorcée at the time of her death belonged to her estate, not to her emancipated son, a New Jersey appeals court says. The […]

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