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Philip Puglisi Bergen County divorce lawyer alimony duration case

Philip Puglisi, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, wants to let you know that if you are going through a divorce and alimony is an issue, that duration of the alimony will arise. When is it a permanent alimony case? Philip Puglisi wants you to know that just recently in the Gnall v. Gnall, App. Div. (Lihotz, J.A.D.) (48 pp.) case the court in reviewing plaintiff’s challenge to a limited-duration alimony award, reversed the lower court’s ruling when the lower court declared that a 15-year marriage does not qualify as permanent alimony and had ruled that it was short-term alimony. The Court listed all the factors in determining this case when arriving at this conclusion as to the alimony duration. Philip Puglisi wants you to make sure all these factors are taken into consideration when you negotiate the duration if you are the recipient of alimony. Philip Puglisi as a Bergen County divorce lawyer can not impress enough upon the reader that this duration of alimony is critical to the client, since it effects the recipient’s life long term.

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